The Sutherland Cup Final Preview Presented by NoFrills

Listowel Cyclones Preview
First Home Game: May 3rd, 7:30pm @Steve Kerr Memorial Complex
Season Series: LIS 2 vs SMY 3 (Showcase)
Round Robin: LIS 1 vs SMY 2, SMY 1 vs LIS 5

With a round-robin split between the two teams, Listowel will end up with the home-ice advantage going into the finals. During the round-robin series where they went 3 wins and 1 loss, they outscored their opponents 16 to 5. Over this round-robin, Listowel outshot their opponents by an average of 37 to 30. The special teams were going at about 19% for the powerplay and 16% for the penalty kill. It is difficult to pinpoint a threat on this team, as in the last 5 games MacRobbie, Dietz, Brenner, and O’Donnell all have 3 goals. With that in mind, the inability to pinpoint a threat, on their team is what makes them so strong and diverse. Any player can heat up on a given night, with 11 players scoring at least 1 goal over the last 5 games.

The Listowel Cyclones have been a dominant force throughout the playoffs, showcasing a well-rounded and deep lineup that has propelled them to the finals. This continues as they roll, their lines seamlessly. To put in perspective how dominant these lines have been they have only been scored on 7 times in 5 on 5 over the last 10 games, against the best offensive teams in the league. Keep in mind this is when the main four lines are intact. A dominant pairing to watch out for on the back end is Alexander and Middleton. A great puck-moving duo that has been one of the staples of success throughout these playoffs. When on the ice together they have doubled their opponent’s shots for too shots against, consistently controlling the game to their pace.

The X-Factor remains to be Dixon Grimes, across his last 5 games, he has had a .940 save percentage, with only 7 total goals against. The advanced stats support his hot streak as he tends to play better when the competition arises, with a 71% scoring chance save percentage which is 5% better than his 66% scoring chance save percentage from the regular season. One of his best games all season came from the Fort Erie round-robin game, as he made sprawling save after sprawling save to get the Sutherland Cup Finals Finals-clinching win.

Overall, Listowel’s combination of strong goaltending, potent offense, and solid coaching make them a formidable opponent in the Sutherland Cup Final. Their ability to control the pace of the game, limit opponents’ scoring chances, and capitalize on offensive opportunities makes them a strong contender for the championship. Fans can expect an intense and exciting series as Listowel looks to cap off their impressive season with a championship victory.


St Mary’s Lincolns Preview
First Home Game: May 5th 7:30pm @Pyramid Recreation Complex
Season Series: LIS 2 vs SMY 3 (Showcase),
Round Robin: LIS 1 vs SMY 2, SMY 1 vs LIS 5

The St. Marys Lincolns have been on an electrifying journey in the playoffs, showcasing their depth, skill, and determination. Led by their star players and backed by strong goaltending, they’ve stormed through each round, setting the stage for a thrilling Sutherland Cup Final showdown. With one of the hardest, rounds of teams we have seen to make it to the finals having to go through Sarnia, Strathroy, London, and Fort Erie, the Lincolns have earned their spot in the finals. They now have a chance at franchise History!

The Lincolns boast a multifaceted offensive arsenal, with not just one, but multiple players to watch out for. From Chase MacQueen-Spence’s dominant scoring streak to the consistent contributions of Adam Barkley, this team knows how to score when needed. Just like Listowel, they are a deep team, with plenty of scoring threats up and down the roster. Brandon Abbott’s stellar play between the pipes has been a cornerstone of the Lincolns’ success. With a remarkable .940 save percentage in his last 5 games. With clutch performances, he’s proven himself as one of the hottest goalies in the playoffs. He is a dynamic, goalie who can beat passes on his feet, and mentally digest a play before it happens making him one step ahead of his competition.

While their offence shines, the Lincolns don’t overlook the importance of a strong defensive game. Players like Adam Barkley not only contribute offensively but also provide a sturdy presence on the blue line. This defensive punch makes the Lincolns a well-balanced force on both ends of the ice. Barkley has averaged roughly 26 minutes on ice across the last 5 games with a total of 4 points.

The X-Factor, for this series will be Chase Spence-Mcqueen, with a playoff league-leading 30 points in 19 points, his deceptive play style will be well needed. He has not slowed down in the slightest with 2 goals and 3 assists in his last 5 games.

The Lincolns first power play unit of Barkley, Bidgood, Spence-Mcqueen, Weir, and Vandenbrick. Have remained strong against Listowel, as over the round-robin they had a 32% percentage scoring rate when called upon. Adam Barkley’s quarterbacking skills on the powerplay unit play a significant role. His ability to control the play, distribute the puck efficiently, and set up scoring opportunities elevates the powerplay’s effectiveness and makes it a joy to watch.

Their resilience, depth, and ability to step up in crucial moments have been evident throughout their playoff run, making them a formidable opponent for a dominant Listowel Team. As they gear up for the Sutherland Cup Final, the Lincolns are poised to leave everything on the ice. With a blend of experience and talent, they have been a fun team to watch so far. Fans can expect an intense and captivating series as the Lincolns vie for championship glory