Gloria and Joan: The True Passion and Pride for the Listowel Cyclones

For over three decades, Gloria Cameron and Joan have been the backbone of the Listowel Cyclones’ community, embodying passion, dedication, and a deep love for the team and its fans. They had both been more than a familiar face at the front door of the Listowel Cyclones’ rink. Their combined journey spans billeting over 24 players and seamlessly managing admissions, making them integral figures in the Cyclones’ vibrant history.

Gloria’s connection with the Cyclones began in 1989 when she opened her home to players as a billet host. Over the years, she nurtured these players, fostering a sense of family within the team. “Billeting was incredibly fulfilling,” Gloria reflects. “Watching these young men grow on and off the ice was a privilege.”

Joan’s journey with the Cyclones started about 30 years ago when the team needed someone to handle the bookwork. “I was the treasurer and part of the executive committee back then,” Joan reminisces. “It was a small group, just five of us, handling everything from programs to billeting and organizing.” As the years passed, more members joined, enriching the team’s dynamics and expanding its reach within the community.

Reflecting on her years with the Cyclones, Gloria reminisces, “It reminds me of the same team 5 years ago because they are so fun to watch and look great together.” Her enthusiasm for the team’s performance is matched only by her admiration for Head Coach Jesse Cole, whom she describes as “such an inspiration” and a driving force behind the team’s success. Their passion for the team’s success is palpable. “The way they win, moments when they have their arms around each other after winning the Cherry Cup, swell my heart,” Gloria exclaims.

Their admiration extends to Head Coach Jesse Cole, whom they credit as an inspiration and a driving force behind the team’s achievements. Meeting fans and parents of the players is another highlight for Joan. “I love seeing familiar faces, exchanging high fives or fist pumps as they enter,” she shares. While remembering names is a bonus, Joan believes that recognizing faces and the connections they represent is what truly matters. These interactions extend beyond the arena, with Joan often running into fans downtown, reinforcing the strong bonds forged through hockey.

The support of the Cyclones’ fans is a testament to the strong sense of community fostered by Gloria, Joan, and the entire organization. “Our fans are phenomenal,” Gloria declares. “Their dedication and pride in cheering for the team, whether at home or away games, is remarkable.” As they reflect on their years with the Listowel Cyclones, Gloria and Joan’s love for the team and its people shine through. “I love the team, I love the people, and I love bragging about the Listowel Cyclones any way I can,” Gloria says with a smile. Their contributions, both on and off the ice, have left an indelible mark on the Cyclones’ legacy, embodying the spirit of passion, pride, and community that defines Listowel hockey. Together, Gloria and Joan continue to support the Cyclones in their Sutherland Cup aspirations.