National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA)

The National Collegiate Athletic Association is the governing body for all colleges & universities offering athletic programs in the United States. In order to play hockey at any one of the schools competing in Division I or III leagues, students must be deemed eligible by the NCAA and therefore students must submit their transcripts and SAT exam scored to the NCAA Clearinghouse for review.

Eligibility Rules

  • 4 years of participation eligibility; 5 years in which to use up 4 years of participation.
  • The NCAA considers major junior hockey to be professional and therefore renders a player ineligible for NCAA participation if the student athlete is involved with a professional team. A student athlete is considered ineligible if:


      1. Has 1 or more expense paid visits to a professional team or a visit exceeded 48 hours and any payment or compensation in connection with the visit was in excess of actual and necessary expenses. (The student athlete may stay longer at his own expense and must pay travel expenses home after 48 hours.)
      2. Receives any compensation for participation in practice sessions with a professional team.
      3. Enters into any contract or agreement with a professional or sports organization or takes part in any outside competition (game or scrimmage) as a representative of a professional team. (Player’s name must not be on an official score sheet.)