Shari-Ann McHardy: One Of The Cornerstones Behind St. Mary Lincolns’ Off-Ice Success

Shari-Ann McHardy: One Of The Cornerstones Behind St. Mary Lincolns’ Off-Ice Success

In the world of hockey, where passion meets dedication, some unsung heroes form the backbone of a team’s success. One such individual is Shari-Ann McHardy, a multifaceted force within the St. Mary Lincoln organization. As a Board Member, Billet’s Mom, Co-Manager of Game Day Operations, and a key figure in the Sponsorship committees, Sheri’s involvement is not just about hockey; it’s a testament to community spirit and unwavering commitment.

Sheri’s journey began in 2018 when she was asked to become a billet for the Lincolns. Already a fervent hockey enthusiast, this opportunity marked the start of a profound involvement in the team’s affairs. “I billet hockey players, trying to organize game day operations, making sure my boys get fed, and organizing the whole game day operations, in terms of security, bars, and everybody doing their part,” Sheri explains, showcasing the depth of her responsibilities.

Beyond the logistics, Sheri’s passion for the Lincolns transcends mere duties. “Watching them become the Western Conference champions, witnessing their journey from missing playoffs in 2018 and 2019 to overcoming challenges during COVID and emerging as champions, was an absolute thrill,” she shares as she talks about how much the team has grown over the years.

For Sheri, the St. Mary Lincolns isn’t just a team; it’s a community phenomenon. “It’s a great organization to work with, and the community has exploded with excitement around them, aiming for the Sutherland Cup,” she remarks proudly. The camaraderie within the team and the support from the community are pivotal in the Lincolns’ success. “The alumni and older gentlemen are always talking about the Lincolns; the community truly stands behind the team. Everyone is so open to welcoming new people,” she adds, highlighting the inclusive nature of the Lincoln community.

One of Sheri’s joys is witnessing players grow beyond the rink. “It’s great to see these players grow up, get married, and find jobs after leaving the team,” she notes, showcasing the personal connections forged through her involvement. Looking to the future, Sheri’s aspirations are clear. “I love learning more about the Lincolns, and I want to continue to see them grow as time goes on. Our goal is to win the Sutherland Cup,” she asserts confidently. However, she acknowledges that such success is a collective effort. “We have an amazing volunteer staff, and I could never do it without my staff with whom I am in constant communication. It’s a team effort on and off the ice,” she emphasizes, underscoring the unity that propels the Lincolns forward.

In Shari-Ann McHardy, the St. Mary Lincolns have found a passionate advocate, a joyful presence, and a symbol of community spirit. Her journey exemplifies how individuals, driven by a love for the game and a commitment to their community, can become instrumental in shaping the success of a team