Canadian Schools – USports / CCAA


U Sports (U Sports – formerly CIS)

U Sports is the national association governing university sports across Canada. Qualifications for academic entrance differ for each Canadian university.

Canadian Colleges Athletic Association (CCAA – formerly CIAU)

The Canadian Colleges Athletic Association is the coordinating body for college sports in Canada. There are 5 regional athletic conferences for league play: ACAA (Atlantic), QSSF (Quebec), OCAA (Ontario), ACAA (Alberta), BCCAA (British Columbia.)

Eligibility Rules:

  • Five years of participation eligibility. Student athletes can take any number of years off after enrollment and will only use up eligibility in the years that he participates in the sport.
  • Participation at the major junior hockey level does not restrict the 5 years of eligibility.
  • If a U Sports student athlete transfers from another U Sports school, he must wait one year from his last participation in that sport – the exception being that when either the academic program of study or the sport has been discontinued.
  • An NCAA transfer to a U Sports school must wait one year after transferring, assuming that he has satisfied other eligibility requirements and has not completed NCAA eligibility.