Meaghan Passero: The Heart and Soul Behind Fort Erie Meteors’ Off-Ice Success

Meaghan Passero: The Heart and Soul Behind Fort Erie Meteors’ Off-Ice Success


In Fort Eries’ run to the Sutherland Cup round-robin, their on-ice success is quite prevalent, nonetheless, it is the efforts off the ice that are just as crucial as the players’ on-ice performances. One such figure is Meaghan Passero, the mastermind behind the off-ice facets of the Fort Erie Meteors, whose passion, dedication, and love for the game shine through every aspect of her work.

In a recent interview, Meaghan shared insights into her role and what drives her to excel in ensuring the Meteors are not just a team but a community beacon. “Small towns do not understand who the boys are all the time, this is why raising awareness and getting the support to wear the logo with pride it vital,” Meaghan expressed, emphasizing the importance of community backing in fostering a strong team spirit. For her, it’s not just about the game but about creating a sense of belonging and unity among the players and their supporters.

Meaghan’s connection to the team runs deep, as she elaborated on her motivation: “Dad’s legacy, we want to continue.” This sentiment encapsulates the emotional investment she has in the Meteors’ success. When asked about her rituals before game days, Meaghan highlighted the significance of pre-game meals, stating, “Pre-game meals are important to me as much as possible.” This attention to detail reflects her commitment to ensuring the players are physically and mentally prepared for every challenge they face on the ice.

Reflecting on the team’s growth over the years, Meaghan spoke passionately about the lessons learned through hockey: “What my brothers (Nik and Anthony Passero) learned over the years in hockey is what we wanted to establish for the Fort Erie Meteors” Her words underscored the transformative power of sports, not just in terms of skill development for the players, but a professional feel the Fort Meteors capture.

One of Meaghan’s most cherished memories is witnessing her brother hold up the cup while looking at the players’ faces as they celebrated their victory. “No words to describe it, my dad would be proud of everybody involved,” she remarked, a testament to the joy and pride she feels in seeing the Meteors win the Golden Horsehoe Championship. Meaghan Passero’s contributions to the Fort Erie Meteors extend far beyond the realm of statistics and scores. She embodies the spirit of dedication, unity, and pride that defines the Meteors, making her an indispensable force in their journey towards greatness. As the Meteors continue to shine on the ice, Meaghan remains the unseen force behind their off-ice triumphs.