Former LaSalle Viper “Carson Woodall” Founds “Woody’s Hoodies” for Cancer Research

Rookie defenseman Carson Woodall of the Windsor Spitfires and former LaSalle Viper has unveiled “Woody’s Hoodies,” a heartfelt fundraising initiative aimed at bolstering local cancer research efforts. Woodall, a 17-year-old Belle River native, has always recognized the significance of unity both on and off the ice. He shared the inspiration behind “Woody’s Hoodies,” tracing its origins back to his time with the Toronto Marlboros in 2020. Alongside his father, Scott, Carson introduced the concept of “Woody’s Hoodies”.

During my interview with him, he discussed the driving force behind this initiative stems from Woodall’s personal experiences with cancer. Moved by the courage and resilience of his grandmothers, and the struggles and bravery they had endured. He stressed the importance of seeing a family member during this that not every day is difficult for many, as there are others dealing with a lot that we are unaware of.

“Looking ahead my goal is to make as much money as possible for the cause,” said Woodall. He further discussed how the LaSalle Vipers furthered his development to play at a higher level as a hockey player. To which LaSalle and his teammates were a great support in furthering his cause throughout his time with the Vipers.

Each hoodie features a unique ribbon design symbolizing breast cancer and ovarian cancer, with proceeds contributing directly to local cancer research efforts in the Windsor Essex region. “Woody’s Hoodies” officially went on sale on March 17th, 2024, and are also available for purchase in person at the Play for a Cure Pro Am All-Star game on Friday, April 19th. Join former LaSalle Viper Carson Woodall and the Windsor Spitfires in supporting cancer research through “Woody’s Hoodies” together, we can make a difference.

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