Forever a Star

“Fergie” was the face & voice of hockey in St. Thomas for over 30 years. I worked closely with him at St. Thomas Stars games, when I worked as the PA announcer. Fergie would always call up the goals and penalties to me.

One thing I’ll always remember is when there were a handful of penalties on one play, and there was a lot to write down, he’d always call me and say, “ARE YOU READY?!?”…As if to give me the heads up that there would be a bunch of things to write down (and he better not have to repeat it lol)!

Fergie’s favourite hockey song was never in question…It was and always will be the Y.M.C.A. I always had whoever was doing the music play that song in the 3rd period, and Fergie would start waving his hand in the air to show his approval. If the puck was dropped too quickly after the song started, he’d signal up to the booth, telling me I’d need to keep playing the song because he hadn’t heard enough of it!

Fergie was loved by many people; his family, friends, and those around the hockey rink. He was a kind and gentle soul, with not a bad bone in his body. He was full of many stories about times gone by, and I’m glad that I was able to hear just a few of them.

The photo I’ve included was from Fergie’s 30th-anniversary celebration with the Stars’ organization in 2014. It was also the start of the Stars’ 60th season.

Fergie…You will be missed by many! Rest in Eternal Peace!

– Andrew Buttigieg