2024 GOJHL Awards Recap

The Awards

The GOJHL has been a stage for outstanding talent, fierce competition, and exemplary sportsmanship throughout the 2023-24 season. From seasoned veterans to promising rookies, the conference has seen remarkable performances across various categories, culminating in the recognition of this year’s prestigious award winners. Let’s delve deeper into their achievements and celebrate their contributions to the sport of hockey.


The 2023-24 GOJHL Western Conference Award Winners

Uni-Fab Award for Top Defenseman: Blain Bacik (Chatham Maroons)

Blain Bacik’s season-long excellence on the defensive end has rightly earned him the Uni-Fab Award for Top Defenseman. Bacik’s ability to contribute offensively, with 33 points in 47 games, coupled with his defensive prowess, made him a formidable force on the ice. His slick play style and critical role in powerplay situations solidified his place as one of the conference’s elite defensemen.

Roy Bruhlman Memorial Award for Rookie of the Year & Southland Insurance Award for Most Points by a Rookie: Briir Long (St. Thomas Stars)

Briir Long’s debut season was nothing short of spectacular, earning him both the Rookie of the Year and Most Points by a Rookie award. Long’s impressive goal-scoring abilities, highlighted by hat-tricks and consistent offensive contributions, made him a standout player. Briir scored merely 25% percent of his team’s goals this year, pushing him to second most goals in the league and first in the Western Conference. Long had not one, not two, but three hat-tricks this season all against different teams. His quick release, poise under pressure, and ability to impact games at crucial moments set him apart as a rising star in the league. Briir was selected to the first-team all-rookie team, and first-team all-star team, while playing for team GOJHL at the Macpherson Tournament.

Kevin McIntosh Award for Best Defensive Forward: Ethan Facchina (Strathroy Rockets)

Ethan Facchina’s defensive skills and leadership qualities were instrumental in earning him the Kevin McIntosh Award for Best Defensive Forward. Ethan will be the first Rocket since 2009-2010 to win this award. He was also tied for the first goal in a game at 7. Facchina’s ability to shut down opponents’ scoring chances, contribute on special teams, and lead by example on the ice made him a vital asset to the Strathroy Rockets. His recognition as a first-team all-star and selection to the GOJHL Macpherson Tournament roster further represented his impact on the game.

Petes Sports Award for Coach of the Year: Jason Williams (Strathroy Rockets)

The former NHLer and Stanley Cup champion aided in the development of one of the youngest skilled teams in the league and got the Rockets to 3rd in the Western Conference. Jason Williams’ coaching expertise and strategic leadership were pivotal in guiding the Strathroy Rockets to a successful season. Williams’ ability to develop a young, skilled team into a competitive force in the conference, evidenced by their relentless scoring with third-place high goals for 206 in the GOJHL. Notable players he helped develop this season were Dylan Ritcher, Ethan Facchina, Matthew Souliere, Jimmy Sutherland, and Noah Jenken. His coaching helped lift the Rockets to their most consecutive points in a season of 18, as well as their highest away winning percentage of 72%. His coaching philosophy, emphasis on player development, and knack for maximizing his team’s potential led to well-deserved recognition as the Coach of the Year.

Roy Caley Award for Lowest Team Goals Against Average: Colby Booth-Housego and Brandon Abbott (St. Marys Lincolns)

The goaltending duo of Colby Booth-Housego and Brandon Abbott proved to be a formidable last line of defence for the St. Marys Lincolns. Colby and Brandon were a dynamic duo, as they have had the lowest combined Western Conference GAA since 2015-2016. An impressive feat, with all the offensive talent within the league this year. They combined for a save percentage of .920 and 4 shutouts this season. This robust goaltending pushed the Lincolns to second in the Western Conference this season. Colby also had a rookie franchise record for the lowest GAA at 2.06 and the highest save percentage at .922. Their combined efforts in maintaining a low goals-against average, impressive save percentage, and recording shutouts throughout the season were instrumental in their team’s success. Their reliability between the pipes and ability to rise to the occasion in crucial moments made them deserving recipients of the Lowest Team Goals Against Average award.

Cimco Refrigeration Award for Most Outstanding First-Year Defenseman: Peter Fagan (London Nationals)

Peter Fagan’s impact as a first-year defenseman for the London Nationals was undeniable, earning him the Cimco Refrigeration Award. Fagan’s ability to contribute offensively with 23 points, coupled with his defensive responsibilities and strong play in all situations, made him an integral part of his team’s success. Peter will join an elite list of former London Knights draft picks Logan Mailloux and Oliver Bonk to receive this award. Additionally, this year he would play on the GOJHL Macpherson tournament team. His inclusion in the GOJHL Macpherson tournament team further highlighted his potential and promise as a defenseman to watch in the future.

Chester Pegg Memorial Award for Ability and Sportsmanship, Hugh MacLean Award for Conference Leading Scorer, and CHOK Player of the Year Award: Lucas Chard (London Nationals)

Lucas Chard’s exceptional season was marked by not just statistical achievements but also exemplary sportsmanship, earning him a trio of prestigious awards. Lucas had a year to remember tallying 71 points in 40 games played. With 23 multi-point games. This will be Lucas’ second conference leading scorer tying Cal Davis for most conference scoring titles in the western conference Over his career, he is tied for most franchise short-handed goals at 8. He would also help lead the Nationals to first in the conference. Chard’s ability to lead by example on the ice, contribute significantly to his team’s offensive output, and maintain a high level of sportsmanship throughout the season made him a standout player. His selection as a first-team all-star, GOJHL Player of the Month, and franchise records further solidified his status as one of the league’s top players.

Stan Moore Memorial Award – Regular Season Champions: London Nationals – 75 Points

As the regular-season champions of the GOJHL Western Conference, the London Nationals, under the leadership of Captain Riley Wood, showcased consistency, skill, and determination throughout the season. Their ability to perform at a high level consistently and finish atop the standings speaks volumes about their team chemistry, work ethic, and commitment to excellence.


The 2023-24 GOJHL Mid-Western Conference Award Winners

Joe Veroni Memorial Award for Best Defensive Forward: Brady Schwindt (Elmira Sugar Kings)

Brady will be the third straight Elmira Sugar Kings forward to receive this award. Brady is being recognized by his peers and coaching staff around the conference, for being one of the best forwards on all areas of the ice. Brady as 8 goals and 21 points on the season. He helped the Sugar Kings finish third in their conference. His high IQ in the defensive zone made him the perfect winner for this award.

Leroy Jamieson Memorial Trophy for Most Outstanding Contributions to a Team: Matt Fries (Cambridge RedHawks)

In his third full year with the Cambridge RedHawks Matt would have 25 goals and 54 points in 42 games. Matt was known for scoring when it mattered with a team-leading 6 game-winning goals. Additionally, he was selected to the Mid-Western First All-Star Team. His contributions extend beyond personal statistics, embodying the spirit of teamwork and dedication. Recognized by coaches across the, his commitment to the game goes beyond personal glory; it is about uplifting his team, supporting his peers, that helped him win this award.

Standard Life Insurance Award For Outstanding Sportsmanship and Ability: Will Elliot (Kitchener-Waterloo Siskins)

Will Elliot’s recognition with the Standard Life Insurance Award is a testament to his consistent demonstration of fair play, respect for opponents, and dedication to teamwork. Elliot’s impressive performance, with 24 goals and 23 assists in 50 games, reflects his values for the sport. His contributions both on and off the ice have earned him respect from peers and competitors across the conference.

Unique Cup for Regular Scoring Champion & R.J Noble Memorial Award for Rookie of the Year: Carson Harmer (Stratford Warriors)

Carson helped lead Stratford to second in the conference. He was also the first player ever to win the Unique Cup and R.J Noble in a single season. Carson was a threat everywhere on the ice with 28 goals for 65 points in 46 games. He set a rookie franchise record for most game-winning goals. Additionally, he had 17 multi-point games. Carson was Selected to the Midwestern Conference All-Rookie Team; Selected to participate in St. Andrew’s College MacPherson Challenge Tournament; Selected to participate in the GOJHL Top Prospects Game and selected as GOJHL Rookie of the Month for December and February. The Saginaw Spirit prospect had a year to remember making history across the league with numerous notable accolades. His inclusion in various elite teams and recognition as the top rookie further solidified his status as a rising star in the league.

CKCO TV Trophy for Most Valuable Player & Cory Stoyko Memorial Trophy for Best Defenseman of the Year: Liam Eveleigh (Elmira Sugar Kings)

Liam Eveleigh’s dominant season as a defenseman has rightfully earned him two prestigious awards. Eveleigh’s remarkable offensive contributions with 13 goals and 56 points, coupled with his solid defensive play, showcase his versatility and impact on the Elmira Sugar Kings. He set and tied franchise records for most points by a defenseman in a season, most game-winning goals by a defenseman in a season, and most goals by a defenseman in a season. His recognition as the Most Valuable Player and Best Defenseman identifies his exceptional performance throughout the season, setting new franchise records and leading his team to success.

The Kearnsy Award for Coach of the Year: Jesse Cole (Listowel Cyclones)

Jesse would help lead Listowel to the best conference record since 2018-2019. His defensive schemes, and great system play would help Listowel tie the highest franchise record winning percentage in a single season of 90%. Most consecutive points of 17 within a season. Most consecutive points of 18 for home games within a season. He was a driving force behind their first-place finish. His guidance and mentorship have been vital in shaping the team’s performance and achievements.

Twin Cities Award for Lowest Team Goals Against Average: Riley Arts and Dixon Grimes (Listowel Cyclones)

The goaltending duo of Riley Arts and Dixon Grimes has been a formidable force for the Listowel Cyclones, boasting the lowest team goals-against average in over 14 years. Riley and Dixon, were merely perfect all season with the lowest GAA of 1.95, which hasn’t been seen in over 14 years. Riley was selected to the Mid-Western All-Star team and was a December goalie of the month. He set a franchise record lowest GAA for a season of 1.74, with a .930 save percentage. Dixon was a back-to-back goalie of the month winner for both months of January and February. He set a franchise record for most shutouts in a season of 6, with a .923 save percentage. They were unstoppable this season with 38 wins in 50 games. Their stellar performances, numerous accolades, and remarkable save percentages contributed significantly to their team’s first-place conference finish.

Herbert G. Parker Award – Regular Season Champions: Listowel Cyclones – 79 Points

As the regular-season champions of the GOJHL Mid-Western Conference, the Listowel Cyclones, led by Luke Eurig and Tanner Diez. With a historic goal against 103 goals in total on the season, the complete team play propelled Listowel to a rightful regular season championship. Their collective effort, under the guidance of Coach Jesse Cole, resulted in franchise records and a first-place finish, showcasing their commitment to regular-season success.


The 2023-24 GOJHL Golden Horseshoe Conference Award Winners

Cecil Jones Memorial Award for the Most Gentlemanly Player: Dean Deligeorgis (Hamilton Kiltby’B’s)

Dean Deligeorgis’ exemplary sportsmanship and commitment to fair play set a high standard in the league. His impressive stats of 11 goals, 31 assists, and a mere 6 penalty minutes in 50 games were eye-opening to his ability to respect the players and the game. Dean’s recognition with the Cecil Jones Memorial Award is recognized by the coaches within the league, Dean has exemplified what it means to be a gentlemanly player.

Tom Kelly Coach of the Year Award: Nik Passero (Fort Erie Meteors)

Nik helps lead Fort Erie to their most-winning season of 36 wins in 50 games. The Meteors achieved the franchise’s highest win percentage, away win percentage, and most consecutive away wins throughout this season. A former GOJHL player turned coach is a true testament to Nik’s commitment to the GOJHL, and bettering players within the league and his team. Notable players he has helped develop this year are Liam Beamish, Hunter Coley, Charlie Burns, and Andre Macniel. He has now been recognized by his peers for this award. His impact on player development and team success makes him a deserving recipient of the Tom Kelly Coach of the Year Award.

Brent Rubel Memorial Rookie of the Year Award: Liam Beamish (Fort Erie Meteors)

Liam has had a remarkable year, leading his conference for rookie in goals scored and points. While also setting a rookie franchise record for most short-handed goals in a season. The Penn State Commit was selected to the Golden Horseshoe Conference All-Rookie Team, selected to participate in the St. Andrew’s College MacPherson Challenge Tournament as the Captain, and selected to participate in GOJHL Top Prospects Game. Many people saw he is known for doing all the little things right, his complete game is a true reflection of the year he has had tallying 17 multi-point games and 4 game-winning goals. His impact on the ice and dedication to continuous improvement make him a deserving winner of the Brent Rubel Memorial Rookie of the Year Award.

F.G Tony Bloomfield Trophy for Best Combined Goals Against for Two Goalies: Finn Wilson, Davis Penner, and Keegan Jackson (Caledonia Corvairs)

The goaltending trio of Finn Wilson, Davis Penner, and Keegan Jackson played a pivotal role in Caledonia Corvairs’ success, boasting a league-leading combined goals against average and demonstrating exceptional teamwork and skill between the pipes. Finn, Davis, and Keegan had a league-leading combined GAA of 2.12. The amount goals let in on the season was 2nd in the entire GOJHL at only 108 total goals. They combined for 37 wins in 48 games played. With a combined save percentage of .923. This trio was a force all season, as they were a huge reason for the Caledonia league first-place finish.

J.P Thomas Memorial Award for Most Improved Player: Nathan Duplessis (Caledonia Corvairs)

Nathan Duplessis’s remarkable improvement and impact on the ice were evident throughout the season. His offensive contributions, clutch performances, and overall growth as a player earned him recognition as the most improved player in the league. Nathan put on a show this year, with 28 goals, 32 assist, for 60 points. He scored when it counted with 4 game-winning goals. While also being a powerplay threat with 9 goals. He was selected as the GOJHL player for the month, of October. Lastly, he has 8 games where he had 3 or more points in a game this season. Nathan’s ability to elevate his game and make significant contributions to his team’s success make him a deserving winner of the J.P Thomas Memorial Award.

Dave Dunham Trophy for Most Valuable Defenseman: Sami Douglas (Caledonia Corvairs)

Sami Douglas’s outstanding defensive play and offensive contributions from the blue line made him a jaw-dropping defenseman in the league. His ability to control the game, contribute offensively with goals and assists, and provide stability in the defensive zone were crucial to Caledonia’s success. Sami had the most goals for a defenseman at 22 with 9 of them being from the powerplay. His lethal shot had grown to be more known around the league as he has had 5 multi-goal games as a defenseman one of them being a hat trick. He also had the highest points per game by a defenseman at 1.22. Sami was recognized also by being selected for the GOJHL First-Team All-Star. Sami’s recognition as the most valuable defenseman highlights his impact and importance to Caledonia’s first-place performance.

Rob Judge Memorial Award for Most Goals Scored: Markus Dempewold (Caledonia Corvairs)

Markus not only led the conference in goals scored but the entire GOJHL. Known for scoring in the clutch, Markus had a clear league-leading 10 game-winning goals. He also led the league with 9 shorthanded goals, which tied a franchise record for the season. Markus used his lethal shot at every opportunity, allowing him to join an elite class of goal-scorers in GOJHL history. His goal-scoring ability and clutch performances make him a deserving winner of the Rob Judge Memorial Award.

Pat Murphy Memorial Award for League Leading Scorer, Russell Masterson Memorial Most Valuable Player Award, and Corporal Tyler Crooks Memorial Player of the Year Award: Jayden Lammel (Caledonia Corvairs)

Jayden Lammel’s offensive dominance, playmaking skills, and leadership qualities made him the standout player of the season. Leading the league in points, assists, and first goals of the game, Jayden was a driving force behind Caledonia’s success. His consistency, impact on the ice, and recognition across multiple prestigious awards highlight his status as the league’s most valuable player and player of the year.

Tony Passero Memorial Award – Regular Season Champions: Caledonia Corvairs – 80 Points

As the regular-season champions of the GOJHL Golden Horseshoe Conference, the Caledonia Corvairs, led by Jayden Lammel, Sami Douglas, Markus Dempewold, and Tyler Savard. With the best point differential in the league at 126 points and a league-leading 234 goals for. The Caledonia Corvair earned the top spot in all of the GOJHL as the number one team.