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Los Angeles Kings 2012 first round selection (30th overall), Tanner Pearson - Waterloo Siskins

Winnipeg Jets 2011 first round selection (7th overall) Mark Scheifele - Kitchener Dutchmen



First awarded in 1934, the Sutherland Cup is emblematic of Junior 'B' supremacy in the Ontario Hockey Association.

The 27 teams in the Greater Ontario Junior Hockey League now compete for this trophy. 

The Waterloo Siskins have won the most Sutherland Cup championships with 11, with their first coming in 1940 and their most recent in 1994. 

In 2007, the Cambridge Winterhawks became the eighth team to win the Sutherland Cup in consecutive years.


The Sutherland Cup is named after Captain James T. Sutherland.  He was a hockey pioneer who was instrumental in the promotion of the Ontario Hockey Association at every opportunity. He became President of the OHA in 1915 and, one year later, first held the same office for the Canadian Amateur Hockey Association. He was known as the main source for hockey information, as a coach, and as a referee.

He introduced preseason conditioning exercises and a coaching system. In 1919 on his discharge from the army, one of his first accomplishments was to recommend a trophy as a memorial to the young men who died in the European conflict.  From this came the creation of the Memorial Cup, emblematic of the Canadian Junior Championship, first awarded to the University of Toronto in 1919.

He dedicated his life to helping Canadians recognize and preserve the heritage of their winter sport. To his death on September 15th, 1955, he insisted that events in the town of Kingston in 1888 made that location the actual birth place of organized hockey. 

James Thomas Sutherland is known simply as the father of hockey in Ontario. 


2014 Caledonia Corvairs St. Catharines Falcons 4-3
2013 London Nationals Cambridge Winterhawks 4-2
2012 St. Catharines Falcons Brantford Golden Eagles 4-2
2011 Elmira Sugar Kings Niagara Falls Canucks 4-1
2010 LaSalle Vipers Brantford Golden Eagles 4-1
2009 Brantford Golden Eagles Stoney Creek Warriors 4-1
2008 Tecumseh Chiefs Elmira Sugar Kings 4-0
2007 Cambridge Winterhawks Strathroy Rockets 4-0
2006 Cambridge Winterhawks Niagara Falls Canucks 4-1
2005 Thorold Blackhawks Chatham Maroons 4-1
2004 Stratford Cullitons Thorold Blawkhawks 4-0
2003 Stratford Cullitons Thorold Blawkhawks 4-3
2002 Sarnia Blast Elmira Sugar Kings 4-3
2001 Elmira Sugar Kings Thorold Blawkhawks 4-2
2000 Cambridge Winterhawks St. Catharines Falcons 4-0
1999 Chatham Maroons Stratford Cullitons 4-3
1998 Niagara Falls Canucks Elmira Sugar Kings 4-3
1997 Elmira Sugar Kings St. Catharines Falcons 4-3
1996 Niagara Falls Canucks St. Thomas Stars 4-2
1995 Stratford Cullitons St. Thomas Stars 4-0
1994 Waterloo Siskins St. Catharines Falcons 4-2
1993 Barrie Colts Kitchener Dutchmen 4-0
1992 Kitchener Dutchmen Milton Merchants 4-1
1991 Waterloo Siskins Oakville Blades 4-0
1990 Stratford Cullitons St. Catharines Falcons 4-0
1989 St. Michael's College Buzzers Niagara Falls Canucks 4-1
1988 Waterloo Siskins Bramalea Blues 4-1
1987 St. Thomas Stars Niagara Falls Canucks 4-0
1986 Stratford Cullitons Streetsville Derbys 4-0
1985 Waterloo Siskins Bramalea Blues 4-1
1984 Waterloo Siskins Streetsville Derbys 4-3
1983 Henry Carr HS Crusaders Stratford Cullitons 4-0
1982 St. Michael's College Buzzers  Sarnia Glis Bees 4-3
1981 Burlington Cougars Stratford Cullitons 8-4 (Pts)
1980 Belleville Bobcats Windsor Royals 4-0
1979 Streetsville Derbys St. Catharines Falcons 4-0
1978 Stratford Cullitons Streetsville Derbys 9-5 (Pts)
1977 Stratford Cullitons Streetsville Derbys 4-2
1976 St. Mary's Lincolns Collingwood Blues 4-3
1975 Bramalea Blues Oakville Blades 4-3
1974 Hamilton Red Wings Bramalea Blues Forfeit
1973 Sarnia Bees Toronto Nationals 4-2
1972 Markham Waxers St. Mary's Lincolns 4-2
1971 Dixie Beehives Hamilton Mountain Bees 4-1
1970 Dixie Beehives Hamilton Mountain Bees 4-1
1969 Markham Waxers Strathroy Rockets 4-2
1968 Sarnia Legionnaires Markham Waxers 4-0
1967 Kitchener Greenshirts Dixie Beehives 4-2
1966 Sarnia Legionnaires Toronto Westclair 4-2
1964 Waterloo Siskins Weston Dodgers 4-1
1963 St. Mary's Lincolns Kingston Frontenacs 4-2
1962 Waterloo Siskins St. Thomas Barons 4-1
1961 St. Michael's College Buzzers Owen Sound Greys 4-0
1960 Waterloo Siskins Toronto Marlboros 4-2
1959 Sarnia Legionnaires Aurora Bears 4-2
1958 Sarnia Legionnaires Toronto Lakeshore Bruins 4-1
1957 Dixie Beehives Sarnia Legionnaires 4-2
1956 Waterloo Siskins Brampton Regents 4-1
1955 Woodstock Warriors Woodbridge Dodgers 4-2
1954 Waterloo Siskins Weston Dukes 4-3
1953 Weston Dukes Waterloo Siskins 4-3
1952 Weston Dukes Waterloo Hurricanes 4-1
1951 Sarnia Jr. Sailors Weston Dukes 4-1
1950 Barrie Flyers Guelph Bitmore Bees 4-1
1949 Kitchener Greenshirts Upper Canada Collegians 3-0
1948 Hamilton Aerovox St. Michael's College Buzzers 3-0
1947 De La Salle Oaklands Hamilton Aerovox 3-2
1946 De La Salle Oaklands Kitchener Greenshirts 3-1
1945 St. Michael's College Buzzers Stratford Kroehlers 2-1
1944 De La Salle Oaklands Barrie Colts 2-1
1943 Port Colborne Recreationists Milton Bombers 2-0
1942 Stratford Kist Canadians Hamilton Tigers 3-1
1941 Brantford Lions Oshawa Bees 3-0
1940 Waterloo Siskins Owen Sound Greys 3-1
1939 Niagara Falls Good Cheer Kitchener Greenshirts 2-0
1938 Kingston Red Indians Barrie Colts 3-0
1937 Toronto Northern Novacs Barrie Colts 16-9 (Goals)
1936 St. Michael's College Buzzers Guelph Maple Leafs 2-1
1935 Barrie Colts St. Michael's College Buzzers 3-1
1934 St. Michael's College Buzzers Preston Riverside 2-0