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Los Angeles Kings 2012 first round selection (30th overall), Tanner Pearson - Waterloo Siskins

Winnipeg Jets 2011 first round selection (7th overall) Mark Scheifele - Kitchener Dutchmen


Everyone likes to believe that their product is the best, and from a business standpoint, that is really what you have to believe if you want to be successful in selling your product. Today's market for coated substraights (cottons, polycotton, nylon, rayon, paper etc.) are being treated with a multitude of natural rubber and synthetic rubber coatings. These polymers are designed to be applied by several types of coating applications.Coating technology is very sophisticated in relationship to the application being used. Reverse Roll Coating, Knife Over Roll Coating, Print Coating, Calender Coating etc. use a variety of different methods for apply the adhesive to the materials being coated.

No matter what type of equipment is used for coating, if the people running the equipment are not qualified and/or experienced and quality materials are not being used, then the product will suffer and the quality of tape will be poor. One manufacturing method versus another is not, and should not be the criteria for excellence. There is no documented proof that one method is better than another manufacturing technique. Some methods are faster or slower, bigger or smaller, easier or harder, but it does not mean one is better than the other.

Sportstape has experimented with several methods of coating procedures in order to provide the best possible product for our customers. This on-going process has resulted in our new "OPS-Plus" adhesive.Our product is a result of state-of-the-art equipment in conjunction with reliable workmanship of people who have been in the coating business for generations."OPS-Plus" is a light weight, unique new adhesive which will perform as good or superior to other similar products available on the market.While other tape manufacturers are producing heavier and thicker tapes, Sportstape developed our new "OPS-Plus" adhesive to keep pace with manufacturers of other sports equipment, who are producing lighter and lighter equipment for the athletes.

In the final analysis, the only thing that matters is the final product. Is it free from defects and do what it is intended to do, is it priced competitively and is the service to the customer adequate.

The criteria is in the final product.

Q: Does the product do what it is designed to do? A: We believe our's does.
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Part of Sportstape commitment involves providing consumers with informative, unbiased information about the products available in the marketplace

Athletes of all ages know the anticipation and excitement of putting on a new jersey for the first time. For many this ritual serves as a source of pride for making the team and is one of the highlights of the season. SP Apparel has been a part of this experience for athletes since 1999.

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